Study Questions 4


  • How does Gentleness manifest itself in our lives?
  • What can we start doing right today?

My answers to the above are;

  1. It is majorly a function of our dealings with others. How do we communicate our opinion? What’s the major underlying thing we point at when correcting people
  2. Acknowledge that everyone is important, put ourselves in people’s shoes and be mindful of how we treat them, pass across our message with sensitivity


  • Why is this the maturity fruit?
  • How can we plug into this?

I would say for me

  1. It is a sign of maturity in Christ to resist temptation and say no to things that we are attracted to that are, however, dangerous for us
  2. By simply releasing our hearts to the Holy Spirit for total work in our lives

Self Control

Life generally can be tempting!

You are tempted to want what’s not yours, desire what can never be yours and dream of owning something outside of what you can get.

Self control is the maturity fruit. Your measure of self control is directly proportional to the measure of Christian maturity you have attained. Ladies, when you have perfected the act of saying No when offered what does not belong to you no matter how tempting then we can be sure we have appropriated this fruit that has already been made available to us through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Let’s know that a) we have already received the Spirit upon new birth b) the Spirit we have received is the custodian of all the fruit including self-control c) we really can let this fruit blossom and multiply in our lives


How are you getting stuff done anyway?

Hey Sissy,

I’d like share something I learned recently. To good to keep to myself.

The Law of Three (According to Brian Tracy)

1. Identify the three primary things you do which ultimately contribute 80-90% to your overall value; your job, business, marriage etc.

You need to be intentional and clear about what you’re looking to achieve. Identify what key actions you need to take and point then out clearly.

At the beginning of every successful outcome is specific action points with defined matrix for success.

Please don’t join bad gang😂.. don’t be among the “when we get there we cross it” people. Define it, outline action points and steps to be taken.

2. Discipline yourself to focus on those tasks all day, everyday

Don’t just have pretty goals and action plans sitting in your email and note pad. The difference between a wishy washy daydream and a vision is what you do.

So get up and keep moving. Do that thing everyday and make a habit of it. You get around to achieving your goals faster that way, don’t you think?

3. Delegate everything else

You can’t and as a matter of fact do it all. The key to amazing results all the time is clearly defining scope for your team and letting them know that certain results rests heavily on their shoulders.

To delegate, pair a tasks against the person’s greatest strengths relative to rhe job, give them power to execute and resist the temptation to micromanage

You might want to get some shades on!

Hey girl,

Long time no hear!

I know right. I needed the break sister. But I’m back now.

So we have successfully ticked off the 5th month of the glorious 2019 and have boarded the June flight flight yeah? Amazing!

Do a little reflection and self-assessment on all goals planned to see where you’re at. Don’t be ashamed to own up to any veering off and make a solid plan to get back on track.

The whole place is about to get so bright, you might need to wear some shades y’all 😂

For real though, I am so excited about this June because it is for me a turnaround month.

What are your expectations? Share with me too.

Anchor by Colton Dixon: Day 4

“And this is who You are, more constant than the stars

Up in the sky, all these years, all my life
I look back and I see You
Right now I still do
And I’m always going to”

Things are always changing in our busy world. Just when I finally figure out how to use the latest mobile device or piece of technology, it’s already out of date. Even as I sit and write this on my laptop, by the time you read this, my laptop will probably be far outdated! Things are constantly shifting.

You are in a constant state of change! Every day we age (no people, there’s no way to avoid this!), every day we grow, every day we change; our clothes (hopefully), our appearance, our thoughts, our opinions, and our worldviews. It’s a part of life, and it’s something we typically come to accept.

In the middle of all things shifting, God never changes. He’s the One constant thing that we can always look to who is firm, and fixed in our lives. This part of the song is essentially looking back towards God as my constant. Through everything we experience, the ups and downs, the changes, the shifting, I know that I can always look towards a constant, and FAITHFUL God. No matter what your circumstance, no matter how quickly things seem to moving around in your life, fix your eyes on God! He’s always faithful, He’s always present, and He’s constant, through all of it.

To listen to all of Colton Dixon’s music on The Overflow please visit

Bible reading:

Isaiah 40:28-31

*Culled from You Version Devotional

Anchor by Colton Dixon: Day 3

“You were there when it all came down on me
When I was blinded by my fear and I struggled to believe
But in those unclear moments You were the one keeping me strong
This is how my story’s always gone”

I feel like this verse of the song can speak to so many of us at times. I think sometimes we can think that just because we’re a Christian, that it’s easy to have faith in God in every circumstance of life. The Bible tells us that God is the author (the one who gives), and the perfecter (the one who strengthens) of our faith.

There are days in our walk with Jesus where we may very well struggle to believe. In the Bible we read of times where even people speaking face to face with Jesus struggled to believe Him in the midst of their circumstance. There was even a time where a guy who knew Jesus (Thomas)refused to believe in the resurrection of Christ until he was able to touch the wounds himself!

However, in the midst of our lack of clarity and in our struggle to keep believing, God promises to strengthen our faith if we ask Him! He promises to help pick us up when we’re struggling to keep going, and promises to encourage us along the way. So in the midst of doubtful moments, and in the midst of times that feel so unclear, know that God is close to you, and know that He is still God, through it all.

Bible reading:

Hebrews 12:1-3

*Culled from You Version Devotional

Anchor by Colton Dixon: Day 2

“I have won
And I have lost
I got it right sometimes, but sometimes I did not
Life’s been a journey
I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen regret
Oh, and You have been my God through all of it”

Ever tried to look at a painting incredibly up close, maybe so close that your nose is literally touching the canvas? When you try to look at a work of art in that way, you’ll never quite understand the bigger picture. It may look kind of ugly from that view, and like the colors just don’t seem right. However, when you take a step back, you can see the painting in its fullness, the way it was meant to be seen.

In our lives, we have moments that are beautiful, and ones that feel ugly. Sometimes we make choices that have great outcomes, full of joy, and laughter, and sometimes we make decisions that lead to pain, and regret. I’m reminded of Peter who not only shared in many joyful moments, but also shared in his fair share of pain. Peter got to spend a great deal of time with Jesus in his inner circle, and for sure there must have been times of joy and laughter with the Savior of the World.

However, Peter experienced times of deep regret as well. There were some tears cried, and some times of trouble for the disciple. Even after Jesus warned Peter of his coming failure, where he would deny even knowing Jesus, Peter still did it anyway. You can imagine the regret of that decision, as Peter would also remember the joyful moments with Jesus.

The truth is that no matter how close we are to Jesus, no matter how far we are from Jesus, because of the sin that is in the world, we are all vulnerable to messing up. None of us are perfect, not even Peter who was one of Jesus’ disciples. Rest assured today that despite choices you may regret and things you may want to change, God is still God, through all of it.

Bible reading:
Matthew 26:31-35; 69-75

*Culled from You Version Devotional

Anchor by Colton Dixon: Day 1

“There are days of taking more than I can give

And there are choices that I made that I wouldn’t make again
I’ve had my share of laughter
Of tears and troubled times
This has been the story of my life”

This song speaks of the faithfulness of God to us, even in the times where we may struggle, or have our doubts. The reality of life is that there are days where sometimes it feels like life is just pouring down tough situation after tough situation over us. Like a rainstorm that just won’t stop, and no matter where you turn, you can’t find any shelter from the rain. Or like crashing waves, just hitting you and knocking you off your feet, one after another. Not sure about you, but I’ve felt that way at times.

Even in the midst of the toughest days, Jesus promises to walk alongside us in those times. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, when we’re feeling tired, or when we’re just feeling down, Jesus promises to be present in those moments.

I’m reminded of when Jesus was on the boat with his disciples, and they were in the middle of an intense storm. The waves were crashing and throwing the boat side to side, and the disciples were pretty much fearing for their lives. The disciples call upon Jesus, and are actually kind of upset with him in this moment. Jesus is taking a nap during this storm, and the disciples felt like he didn’t care about the chaos they were experiencing. However, when they called upon Jesus, he was able to calm the waves, and bring complete peace to the situation.

The same thing Jesus does with the storm and the waves, he can do with your life, bringing peace and calmness, on the days where everything just feels like too much. Jesus promises to be your peace and your God, through the bad days and the good days. He will be your God, through all of it.

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Bible reading:

Mark 4:35-41

*Culled from You Version Devotional

Investment ideas

The reason we’ve been talking about money related issues is because this month, still early in the year, the goal is to take care of our finances.

Last week we talked about savings. Today, we’d look at what we can invest our savings on in order to yield passive income. I must warn you though that there’s an element of risk in every investment plan. Do due diligence first.

1. Fixed Deposit and Government bonds: make sure you ask questions well and understand the terms and conditions of engagement

2. Business venture: carry out surveys first to be sure the business is viable.

3. Real estate: You can get on a payment plan that allows you about a year to invest and then begin to earn on it

4. Multi Level Marketing (MLM): this is very different from the Ponzi scheme. If you’re great at network marketing, it’s a great way to earn big and take others up while at it.

Share in the comment section other investment opportunities you might be aware of that are legit. I will be reading.


Into the Deep by David Crank

Have you invited Jesus into your “boat”? Have you asked Him to take center-stage in your job and your finances?

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24

Putting God right in the middle of all your business practices will change the way you do business. Your way will never work. But God’s way can never fail!

I’m asking you to step into the IMPOSSIBLE by giving up control, in the natural, and letting God make it POSSIBLE in the supernatural.

Here’s the FINAL KEY to unlocking the blessing. When God says to do something…DO I

When you trust God with ALL your heart, He will not send you out to let you down. He wouldn’t tell you to launch out into the deep unless He had something there for you.

If Christ isn’t LORD OF ALL, He isn’t Lord AT ALL. Obey, and He will fill your boat and break your nets with OVERWHELMING BLESSINGS!

Listen to the Holy Spirit, live in obedience and prepare to watch as God PROSPERS YOU!

Bible reading;

Luke 6:46-49

John 15:1-5

3 John 1:2

Colossians 3:23-24

*Culled from

Crack the Code by David Crank

Do you feel like you’re hiding out in a cave of debt and distress? Even if we knew all the numbers to the combination, we’d never be able to unlock the blessings of Heaven until we understand the SEQUENCE.

From the beginning, God gave all things to Adam and Eve, except for the ONE TREE in the garden that was His. It was HOLY. Don’t touch this…or there will be serious consequences!

In our lives, we honor God for all He has given us by returning to Him the FIRST 10% of our paycheck. It’s His. We NEVER touch that!

That’s the SECRET to the sequence of the Code. Put God FIRST, and everything else in your finances will fall right into place.

Putting the “Current” Back in Your Currency

Like the current of a river, currency is supposed to FLOW. When we live with an open hand, we receive…but we also BLESS.

When you become a river of God’s bounty, He will put his “super” on our “natural” and MAKE us prosper.

You’re called to do great things for God. So, live generously!

Bible reading:

Malachi 3:10

Luke 6:38
Philippians 4:19

*Culled from