Self Control

Life generally can be tempting!

You are tempted to want what’s not yours, desire what can never be yours and dream of owning something outside of what you can get.

Self control is the maturity fruit. Your measure of self control is directly proportional to the measure of Christian maturity you have attained. Ladies, when you have perfected the act of saying No when offered what does not belong to you no matter how tempting then we can be sure we have appropriated this fruit that has already been made available to us through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Let’s know that a) we have already received the Spirit upon new birth b) the Spirit we have received is the custodian of all the fruit including self-control c) we really can let this fruit blossom and multiply in our lives



Study Questions 2


  • What does Peace mean to you?
  • How can it be expressed in real life?
  • What one word are you taking away from this study

As for me

  1. Peace means absolute stillness in my heart regardless of what is going on around me
  2. In real life, it’s me remaining calm, cool and collected in the knowledge that I am not alone and that God already is in charge
  3. Peace that surpasses all human understanding. It is not one that can be explained away because it is Divine


  • What’s one take away you got from this devo?
  • Where does Patience meet Faith?

My Opinion

  1. The fruit of patience is a deposit of the Holy Spirit. God has opened my eyes to what it means to be patient. It does not mean being complacent or a pushover. It is more of learning to wait your turn according to God’s scheme of things…seed time and harvest time!
  2. Patience to me is an act of faith. It means resting in the unshakeable believe that no matter what happens God will come through for you. So you wait in faith, having done all


  • What are the attributes of Kindness?
  • What should our goal be?

For me I would say

  1. Kindness means treating people right. Being aware of their emotion. It is the expression of the love of God. Loving God is never complete without being kind to fellow human beings
  2. My goal is to treat people like Jesus. Because they were made in God’s image. Everyone deserves my milk of kindness

Study Questions 1

study questions


  • What new thing did you learn about love as the fruit of the Spirit?
  • What areas especially are we to examine ourselves where this fruit is concerned
  • How can we get this fruit?

For me, I would say

  1. I have learned that as a believer, I already have God’s love at work in my life. I just need to reach out constantly to it
  2. My heart. I need to constantly check that my actions are nestled in love. That way I actually become like Christ
  3. It is already in my heart as a believer. I just have to let it seep in and flow through me


  • What determines this fruit?
  • How does it manifest itself?
  • Is it possible to be joyful at all times?

My take

  1. The presence of the Holy Spirit indwelling within me is all that I need to access this fruit. It is in me by the virtue of my relationship with Christ
  2. That unexplainable lightness in my spirit that is usually not connected to the happenings around me
  3. Yes, I can stay joyful as long as I am continually connected to the Holy Spirit


When I was growing up, my mum and I was always in a fight about the tone of my voice. You see, I am a very opinionated person and when I have something to say, I do not mince words.

Sweet mother would keep telling me, ” Marv, you can be gentle with your opinion” Being gentle to me is getting your point across without shouting or blowing your top. You can say what you have to say without leaving the other person bruised and wounded.

As the Holy Spirit bears this fruit in our lives, allow yourself to come under His divine rays where every ungentleness in how we treat others are brought to the redeeming presence of our Lord



As we progress on this study of the Fruit of the spirit, it is my earnest desire that our lives are transformed to His glory by bearing the fruit.

Faithfulness means the attribute of sticking to something no matter the enormity of the challenges that you may encounter.

Simply put, when the Holy Spirit’s fruit of faithfulness manifests in you, you’re hardly moved…not your spiritual conviction, nothing changes your dedication to the things that has been handed over to you, you may shake by the wobbliness of life BUT you will keep standing.

When God has given you a word, a task, an assignment, the ability to stick to it is a function of the presence of this fruit.

The goodnews is that you can pick up from where you fell and ask God for the grace to be faithful to the ideas, the spouse, the business, the ministry He had committed into your hands.

Go be faithful!



I have a little theory about Goodness as the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Naturally, we’re given to selfishness. We consider things from our view point first and would instinctively ask the “what’s in it for me” question before doing anything nice for someone.

It might be the respect, the control or just the feel good hormone you derive when someone tells you “thank you”

The Holy Spirit’s fruit of goodness actually deals with our motives. Goodness to people refer to reaching out to them for God’s sake. You understand that they are as important to God as you are to Him.

Goodness is of the heart manifested by what we do and why we do it. Again, when the fruit of the Holy Spirit is at work in us, we show genuine, care and concern for other people’s well-being even if no one notices.

As God has been good to us, we too should pour the aroma of goodness everywhere we go.




You see the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives gives us an all-rounded boost (and edit ) in our character.

Kindness is that attribute of a Spirit filled person to be considerate of the feelings and sensitivities of others. You are able to connect with how they feel and understand how to relate with them uniquely.

This fruit is in you courtsey of the Holy Spirit so it’s not a function of what the other person does or doesn’t do.

I hear people say ” my behavior to you is determined by how you treat me”

Well guess what sisters? That’s not a manifestation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

How do you treat your domestic servants, your subordinates and how do people feel generally when they come around you?

Make a firm decision today to allow the kindness of the Holy Spirit flow through you to bring hope to people around you.




Have you ever heard the saying ” patience is a virtue” ?

Well, it’s also a product of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit manifested through learning to wait on God and not be too much in a hurry.

What usually happens when we grow impatient with God, we either seek other means of taking care of those issues, get downright antsy and ready to accept whatever else the enemy sells to them as the solution or become given to murmuring, bitterness and complaining which makes God really unhappy.

Patience doesn’t mean a state of inactivity. It’s like the Bible says;

…having done all stand

Simply put, after you have mixed the ingredients together with faith from God’s word, step back and let Grace take over.

Determine right this minute that you will not take one more step without hearing from God.

Patience sister, patience!



This is that inner quiet in your spirit that makes you calm and collected even in the face of chaotic situations.

Sometimes in the heat of the panic and rush, we often make mistakes that may come with very grave consequences.

Philippians 4:7 describes this Peace as something greater than anything we can understand. It transcends reasonings and logic. Why? Because it flows from within…with Christ at the core of our being. When we let our hearts grow this fruit, you mature

So take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to baptize you afresh with His Peace. Refuse to act based on the noise around you and let the Peace of God still your heart and give you clarity in the very next thing you’d deal with.

Have a peaceful day ahead.



Isaiah 12:3 tells us what we need to need to reach into the depth of what God has made available for us…JOY

Joy is not forced or assumed. It is not determined by the happenings around you. It’s intrinsic meaning that it flows from within like a never ending stream.

When the Joy of the Holy Spirit is at work in you, you are energized to go through whatever stage of glory you are in.

Sometimes things areound you tend to contend with this joy. Here’s what I do;

  1. Take a deep breathe
  2. Breathe in while saying aloud to my hearing” Holy Spirit let your joy flow and neutralize this feeling of hurt, pain or negative emotions that is holding me back”
  3. Pount out what exactly stole my Joy, drop it at His feet in prayers and leave it there

Reach out to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to feel you with Joy that is not affected by what’s happening around us.